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Historically called the



The Wolf - Leaper - Value 5 - can slide one square horizontally or vertically OR can leap one square diagonally, and then two squares horizontally or vertically. The Wolf can jump over pieces and it can control up to twelve squares. The Wolf cannot move one square (only) diagonally.



The Wolf starts the game on a Citadel (corner post circle) to the left or right of its King. To enter battle the Wolf first moves from the Citadel to the adjacent corner square of the playing section of the board and then commences to move in its normal way. The corner square can be occupied by another playing piece or unoccupied when this move is executed.


  • GREAT CHESS optional power.
    The Wolf may also retire his own Soldiers (Pawns) by moving to their square - and retiring them from the game.

Wolf Warriors, also referred to as Berserkers (c100 - c1150AD), were Germanic and later Viking or Norse shock troops. They were hired by kings, as personal bodyguards and elite warriors. They were huge men who wore wolf or bear skins and covered their shields and swords with blood. Then, after working themselves into a frenzy and biting hard on their shields, they charged into battle, fighting in a mad trance-like state and terrifying the enemy.

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