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The world's first and only

'public space' chess sets

Your soldiers never go AWOL


Board 510 x 450.

Playing squares  60 x 60.

A fast paced chess game

that can be fought and won in a coffee break.

Easy to play as all the pieces move as in standard chess.

At 510 x 450mm in size, these high quality boards are large enough to impress your patrons, but small enough to provide room on a coffee shop table for food and drinks.

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Bespoke Chess Sets crafted from beautifully anodized billet aluminium or exotic timbers.

Our chess sets will sit comfortably in the most spectacular of surroundings.

A collectable generational treasure to be handed down through the ages.

Chess Games

Fast, action packed chess games,

with a myriad of new tactical possibilities.

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Standard Chess - Great Chess - Cafe Chess

Play these chess games and more with a Chess 2100 set.

Elephants, Chariots, Siege Towers

and other things about Chess you did not know.

Chess has a history possibly going back over 4500 years. Chess has seen countless variations throughout its evolution. It has been expanded from small to enormous boards to non-square boards, pieces have been added, new moves have been devised and new identities have been given to the pieces. It has been estimated that there are well over 2000 Chess variants in the world.

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