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Historically called the





The Knight - Leaper - Value 4 - can leap one square diagonally and then one square horizontally, or vertically. The Knight can jump over pieces to control up to eight squares.

  • GREAT CHESS optional power.
    The Knight may also retire his own Soldiers (Pawns) by moving to their square - and retiring them from the game.

When Scotland's Robert the Bruce – King Robert I – died in 1329, he asked Sir James Douglas - known by the English as the Black Douglas - to take his heart to Jerusalem.

Diverted on route to a crusade against the Saracens in Spain, Douglas saw a fellow knight become surrounded at the Battle of Teba. Throwing the king’s heart ahead of him, he yelled "Now pass thou onward as thou wert wont, and Douglas will follow thee or die." He then charged into the thick of the fighting, and died a warrior knight to the last.

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