The Tony Foale version. 1982.

A Dr John Wittner version. 1984

In 1982, Tony Foale built this Guzzi spine chassis (above) for Dick Wood, owner of Moto Mecca in England, and "floated" the rear drive box to counter the shaft-jacking common to Guzzis and BMWs. . . .


You may notice some similarities between Tony's frame design and the frame which later appeared on Dr John Wittner's 1984 Guzzi race bike (and then developed into the current Guzzi Daytona/Sport chassis). Tony's frame uses a round spine tube instead of a rectangular tube, and has what some consider a superior sheet metal fabrication for the swing arm side plates instead of the bent aluminum plates that Wittner used.


When Tony how similar the frames were he told me that Wittner, upon hearing about the Guzzi frame Tony was building, came to visit him with the alleged intention to order a couple of frames. Wittner took lots of pictures, asked lots of questions and went away and built his own frame. I know I've never seen any word of acknowledgement by Wittner for the, shall we say, "inspiration" for his "revolutionary" frame. I'm all for copying any good idea I can find, but I'm more than happy to credit the original source of the idea. I guess not everyone is willing to do that.



Body by Jon Crooke • Sole by Giulio Cesare Carcano, Lino Tonti & Tony Foale 

A product of the Jon Crooke Design Studio -

'Lil Guz' copyright, design registration and design and innovation patent 2014 Jon Crooke.

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