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Cafe Chess

A fast paced chess game

that can be fought and won in a coffee break.

Easy to play as all the pieces move as in standard chess.

At 510 x 450mm in size, these high quality boards are large enough to impress your patrons, but small enough to provide room on a coffee shop table for food and drinks.

Crafted from billet milled aluminium and beautifully finished

in an exotic, hard wearing, anodized custom colour finish.

Features a hidden security loop for securing the board to your table.

Board 510 x 450.

Playing squares  60 x 60.

Your Soldiers never go AWOL

World Exclusive Design Innovation

Corporate Public Space Chess Sets

feature playing pieces that move via a matrix of slots

that permanently tether the pieces to the board.

This means, that for the first time in history,

chess sets can be deployed in public spaces.

Bespoke Design

These sets can be themed and branded in consultation with the client, to reflect the owners corporate identity.



The 'billet milled'' aluminum fighters feature a choice of highly polished and/or satin coloured anodized heads and bodies.

The Cafe Chess army is shown above.

Instruction Panel

Slide-out anodized aluminum panels

with laser etched 'move' instructions for CAFE Chess.


The set contains 1 King 1 Queen 1 Tower 1 Bishop 2 Knights and 6 Soldiers for Cafe Chess games.

The board size including holding bays to accommodate captured pieces 510 x 450 mm.

Board with instruction draws extended 510 x 450+ mm.
Battle area is 360 x 360 mm. Playing squares  60 x 60 mm.

Total height from table surface including chess pieces 143 mm. Height to playing surface 50 mm.

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TABLE TOP Set with Instruction Panels

from $2000