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Bespoke Chess Sets

crafted from beautifully anodized billet aluminium

and/or exotic timbers

Our bespoke chess sets will sit comfortably in the most spectacular of surroundings.

A Generational Treasure

To be handed down through the ages. Our collectable sets feature bespoke design, custom hand crafted, in billet-milled aluminium, with matt and gloss anodized colour finishes and graphics, and/or clear oiled selected timbers, or painted in gloss colour enamel, or a combination of all of the above. Optional fold out side tables, table legs and glass cover available. This is a large chess set made up of 450 individual components.

Custom designed and themed

Graphics themes and colour palette are designed in consultation with the owner and each set

is individually numbered ensuring that your Chess 2100 set is totally unique.


Each bespoke chess set comes with a

Full colour, hard cover book

Signed by Jon Crooke, the creator of the Chess 2100 chess sets, the Great Chess Game and the Cafe Chess Game.

The book includes a history of chess and its many varieties, the rules, and the story of the design and making of a Chess 2100 set.

Size 730 x 730mm.
Squares 60 x 60mm
Standard (Western) Chess pieces shown.
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Size 730 x 730mm.
Squares 60 x 60mm
Great Chess pieces shown.
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Bespoke and Handcrafted

These are large chess set with playing squares 60 x 60mm.

Available as a table top set or an integrated table set.

Optional fold out side tables and/or table legs and/or instruction panels and/or glass cover available.


The set contains 1 King 1 Queen 2 Towers 2 Bishops 2 Knights and 8 Soldiers for Standard Chess games.

The set also contains 2 Champions and 2 Assassins for Great Chess games.

The board size including holding bays to accommodate captured pieces 925 x 770 mm.

Board with instruction draws and optional side tables extended 1525 x 965 mm.
Battle area is 600 x 600 mm. Playing squares  60 x 60 mm.

Total height from table surface including chess pieces 143 mm. Height to playing surface 50 mm.

Copyright and patents apply.




INTEGRATED TABLE Set with Instruction Panels


* Table Legs

* Swing-out Table Pads

from $3500

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